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PS3 Predictions

PS3A reader sent me this link because it is a noteworthy article about how all the conjecture about the PS3’s release date is pretty well worthless. Which is true. It is. Nobody knows the mind of Sony, and Sony has been famously secretive about release plans in the past, so the PS3 will be no different for them. Whether or not this is a good idea is another point entirely, and I don’t really care to get into it. But the facts are that we just don’t know what’s going on, and we’ll find out, well, when we find out!

I’ve commented on some of the conjecture myself. It’s fun to think about. One million PS3 on release date for NA. Four to seven million PS3’s sold in 2006. March release. November release. August release. 2007 release. It’s fun stuff thinking about the possibilities, but that’s all it is: fun. It’s not like we’re changing the world here or that we’re even being half serious. Some posters like to take umbridge at every little thing I say or don’t. A piece of advice: don’t sweat it man! It’s just a gaming console! Sure I’d like to see the PS3 do better than the Xbox 360, but I sure as heck won’t lose an ounce of sleep if that doesn’t happen.

Gaming consoles are here for our enjoyment. And this site is too. – PS3 predictions are all shooting in the dark