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Moore on PS3 Launch

Way back when, a long time ago, Gates made some remark about PS3 coming out and BAM! meeting Halo 3 in the market. Like Halo 3 would have some kind of impact on the sales of the PS3. I wrote something about it, but I’m too lazy right now to go looking for it. Anyway, Microsoft’s Mr. Moore came out on record saying that he does not think that Halo 3 could have that kind of influence over the PS3 launch. (Which I totally agree with and is one of those oh-so-obvious things that you don’t really want to mention because they’re so obvious but the irony of it is so great that you have to talk about it anyway.)

Here’s the quote:

They’ll launch and it’ll be very successful. There’s no doubt, regardless of whether I throw a title in there or an update of Live or whatever, that it’s not going to affect their launch.

You don’t think they’re not going to sell out of PlayStation 3s, do you? You think that if I could create a piece of IP so that PlayStation 3s would arrive at Best Buy and they’d sit on the shelves? Come on, it’s not going to happen.

But the more interesting quote is this one:

The Halo Nation would string me out from some flagpole if I used Halo to be a competitive counter balance to something else, for it to be anything other than for it to be the greatest game ever on an Xbox console – or on any console.

There’s too much invested in this franchise and the Halo Nation is too dear to us to use them as pawns in some bigger game. It doesn’t work that way.

Which sounds kind of strange to me. Microsoft is famous for announcing products just to swipe at a competitor. For pre-announcing products. For releasing crappy products. All to prevent people from buying a competing software package. But I guess Mr. Moore is talking about something totally different…

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