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Sony Sees Profit

One of the reasons some analysts (yeah I know) say that Sony might be in trouble this time around in their war against Microsoft is that Microsoft has gajillions of dollars in the bank and Sony is bleeding red ink all over the carpet. This makes it a lot harder for Sony to spend the money it needs to in order to create, market, and distribute a great gaming console.

Recently, however, Sony announced 17.5% increase in profit for their latest quarter:

Marking a step toward a turnaround, Sony Corp. reported a 17.5 percent rise in profit for the October-December quarter and said it would stay in the black for the full fiscal year, reversing an earlier projection for a loss.

Of course, Sony has a long way to go, but this is encouraging nonetheless. Of course you want the company whose console you buy to be actually making a profit instead of losing money. Gives you warm fuzzy feelings. Like a furby! – Sony Sees Profit As It Attempts Turnaround