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PS3, iPod, and iTunes

Here’s an interesting rumour over at PS3 Forums from the administrator. I have an iPod nano and use iTunes, so this one was of particular interest to me.

iPod connectivity – Ability to to connect the iPod to the PS3 and play it’s music through the PS3 to your stereo or other audio playback devices. Will also provide some graphical effects on your TV during playback

iTunes linkup – Access iTunes and your music through the PS3. Purchase and download additiona tracks through the PS3. Wirelessly play iTunes music from your PC/Mac through the PS3

Sync support – Use the PS3 to sync your iPod with iTunes, no need for a PC or Mac to sync and add/remove tracks and organize playlists.

Apple may also be helping Sony with some UI design for the PS3 dashboard interface.

I don’t care about purchasing tracks through iTunes, because I buy my CD’s and rip them. But all the other features sound cool.

Any bets on the probability of this rumour being true?

PS3 Forums – PS3 rumormill : Apple