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PS3 at the Metreon

PS3Sony’s been showing off the PS3 to developers at the Sony Metreon in San Francisco.

In attendance of these demonstrations – possibly hardware related and most probably in preparation for next month’s GDC ’06 – were also key game designers, intrigued by the system’s rapidly growing hype, who were escorted discreetly throughout the demonstrations. The extremely exclusive, invite-only event occured on Monday afternoon, with reason to believe that there could be more meet-ups throughout the week.

What does this mean for you and me? Not much, really. The PlayStation 3 is to be released this year, in the spring if Sony is to be believed. Of course they would be showing the PlayStation 3 to developers. Why wouldn’t they? Actually, I find it odd that there are only demonstrations going on. Hopefully the PS3 is much more advanced than that. But maybe this was an event for developers not already developing for the PS3, which makes sense.

AMN PSP Advanced – Sony Hosts Exclusive PS3 Event