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Pre-ordered my PS3!

On the weekend at I noticed some people said that they could pre-order PlayStation 3’s at Toys ‘R Us in Canada. So I sauntered (read: drove like a maniac) over to my local Toys ‘R Us, and sure enough, Saturday was the first day of taking pre-orders. I was actually the first guy to pre-order a PS3, they hadn’ even set up the sign yet. I saw the letters laid out for the sign, and interestingly, it said that you could pre-order both PS3’s and Revolutions! So all you Nintendo nuts out there, take note.

So they hadn’t set up the sign, and they hadn’t printed out the tickets yet either. So I waited around and chatted with the cashier about the PS3 while waiting for the manager dude to set me up. So I put my receipt and ticket in a very safe place for retrieval come this fall (hopefully). They asked for a $50 deposit, which they said was refundable if I decided to change my mind about the pre-order.

Anybody else pre-order their PS3 yet?

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