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Sony denies PS3 Delays

Wow, an official Sony statement about the PS3, at least according to

Sony Computer Entertainment spokesperson Kei Sakaguchi has officially denied reports from financial analysts at Merrill Lynch that the PS3 could be delayed by several months, reiterating that the console will launch this spring.

Now who do I believe? Merrill Lynch, who has come out with all sorts of different predictions about the PS3, or Sony?

Tough call, actually. – Sony denies PlayStation 3 delay reports


Reuters notes that Sony is waiting “for the final specifications on some of the technology it is using in the PS3, such as that related to the Blu-ray drive and to input and output video and sound.” Well, if you read my HDBlog, you know that AACS is now a go for Blu-ray and HD DVD players, so that’s not a problem for the PS3 anymore. As well, Sony seems to have a handle on 1080p HDMI stuff now that they have a projector that accepts it (the Sony VPL-VW100 SXRD projector). So I don’t know what else they’re waiting for. But then, it’s not like I have an inside line or anything, so…

Reuters – Sony aims for spring launch of PS3 but could delay