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More Games for the PS3

New details about PS3 titles have been coming out recently. Let’s take a peek.

First of all, there’s the news that good old Jim Lee will be working on the DC Comics Online Project. This MMO game will be released for the PS3, PSP, and PC. The fact that it’s coming to the PS3 isn’t new, I guess, but Jim Lee’s involvement is. This can only be a good thing – the man’s a genius!

“This is something I’m intimately involved in and will be for the next several years,” said Lee in a conference call held yesterday afternoon. “Comics and games were a big part of my childhood and this really is a realization of my dreams.”

Working on the project since August, Lee is already meeting with Sony Austin on a weekly basis and continues to help steer the ship with collaborating artists and game designers in an effort to make this as close to the DC Comics source material as possible.

IGN: Jim Lee’s Key DC Comics RPG Role

Midway’s Stranglehold starring Chow Yun Fat is going to be on the PS3 as well, and IGN has some coverage.

A third-person action game promising acrobatic gunplay action, movie-like camera angles, and what Midway is calling Massive Destructibility (“Massive D”, and yes, they trademarked the term), Stranglehold stars the polygonal re-creation of Chow Yun Fat as Inspector Tequila in what should be a wild, roller-coaster ride of blistering bullet-heavy action. Chow Yun Fat returns in his famous role of tough-ass cop, but remains torn between his duty to the police force and his wife, who’s kidnapped by the Russian mob in Chicago.

IGN – First Look: Stranglehold

Midway has The Wheelman coming out for the PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2007. Revolution support is up in the air.

Last week, Midway announced a licensing deal for The Wheelman, a game/film combo in partnership with Vin Diesel’s Tigon Studios and MTV. The game is set to take on titles like Driver: Parallel Lines, but at this point is mostly notable for its licensing tie-ins and star (Diesel will also play the role of the main character in the game).

At Midway’s annual press event yesterday, company head David Zucker revealed a bit more about the upcoming title by confirming that it will be heading to next-generation consoles. – The Wheelman Heads To PS3, 360

And lastly, Midway also announced a wrestling game, TNA, that would be headed to “all next-gen platforms”. – TNA Goes PS3, 360