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PS3 Memory

CellDean Calver, a developer at Ninja Theory, makers of Heavenly Sword, has a nice post about memory management on the PlayStation 3. Nothing that says “holy duck-on-a-rope Batman!” or anything like that. Just a couple little thoughts that I personally found interesting. Like the fact that textures, geometry, animation, and sound data take up about 300MB of the available 512MB. And that he confirms a PS3 operating system (the PS2 didn’t really have one – you programmed to the metal, as it were). He also mentions how hard fitting all the stuff needed into 512MB will be.

Which makes me think that it would be a smart move on Sony’s part to increase the PS3’s RAM to 768MB. After all, it’s going to be an expensive system anyway, so what’s a couple extra bucks? Especially when it’ll make the developers so happy that you just increased the amount of memory they have by 50%. Plus it would be a nice strategic move against the Xbox 360, which has 512MB. I’m willing to pay an extra couple bucks for 768MB. Anyone else?

[Edit: c|net estimates that the cost of 512MB of RAM for the PS3 would cost $65. So to increase it to 768MB would cost an extra $32.50.]

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