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Sony and Destination PlayStation

PS3The link to the Destination PlayStation website is conveniently down, but I’m sure the itinerary for the event included discussions about the PS3. But according to Sony, no PS3 info was ever meant for the event:

For its part, Sony is saying that, contrary to popular perception, they never intended to show the PS3 at DPS. “DPS is actually over and we have made no new announcements concerning PS3,” a rep told GameSpot. “We never indicated that DPS was to be used as a forum to disclose new information or demonstrate PS3 content. DPS is designed as a forum to bring our retail and publishing partners together for new-year planning and this is the sixth conference we have hosted to do so.”

That’s just odd. Did anyone else visit the Destination PlayStation website and see an itinerary? Weren’t there things on it about the PS3? They were all very technical-sounding things, and maybe none of it would have been of interest to eventual PS3 gamers, but it was there nonetheless. And now Sony is saying it wasn’t. Which is just downright weird. Sony has to get their act together and start doing some damage control. Previously it was others causing all the problems, but now we’re getting conflicting info from Sony itself. Not a good thing.

GameSpot – PS3 a no-show at Destination PlayStation?