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PS3 News at GDC

So this keynote by Phil Harrison. You know the one. At the upcoming GDC conference? Yeah, that’s the one. Everyone’s thinking that Sony’s had so many opportunities recently to give up some goods on the PS3 and they haven’t done it. Why should the GDC be any different?


Because GDC Director Jamil Moledina says so!! That’s why!

BIZ: What can you tell us about Phil Harrison’s keynote? Will we finally get some new information on the PlayStation 3?

JM: The answer is yes. In general, platform providers have a unique opportunity at the GDC to share knowledge with and inspire the people who will make or break their consoles, namely the game developers themselves. With that in mind, this GDC keynote, along with the Nintendo keynote by Satoru Iwata, have both been in development for several months, and contain significant editorial value and developer takeaway. I strongly encourage you to attend both platform keynotes.

Let’s just hope it’s real news like release dates, games, price, controller. And not things like how many transistors the RSX will have. – Talkin’ GDC with Jamil Moledina