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Sony Content Distribution

sonicHow do you want to get your stuff? Would you differentiate between your cheaper stuff and more expensive stuff? And by “stuff” I means things like music, videos, movies, and games. So far I’ve resisted buying music online, preferring instead to buy the physical CD and burning it. It just feels so much more safe and satisfying to me.

So to answer my own question, I like to physically buy my stuff. At least, the stuff I plan to keep. The stuff I plan to use and throw away (like a movie rental) I don’t have any problems with getting online. But what about cheapo games? Xbox Live users can currently download cheaper, smaller games for their Xbox 360 to their HDD and play them from there. I don’t know how comfortable I’d be with that, but I might give it a try on the PS3. What’s that? Yup, Sony’s planning something like that for the PS3 too.

Several senior developers have confirmed to that they have spoken informally with Sony about the question of digital distribution on consoles, although these discussions were described as being “purely about technology, not business models” by one source.

However, even the technology discussed could be very revealing regarding the Japanese giant’s plans for the coming years – with one source from the development arm of a major third-party publisher claiming that Sony has been discussing the technical feasibility of providing PSone and PS2 titles over digital distribution with them.

This could indicate that Sony is hoping to provide a service for the PS3 similar to Nintendo’s Revolution digital download system, which will allow users to access a back catalogue of Nintendo titles through the next-generation console.

I think that my reticence towards buying stuff online may be age related. How do you younger folk out there view this debate? – Sony planning major move into digital distribution