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Official: November Worldwide Launch!

The PS3 will be released simultaneously in Asia, North America, and Europe, early this November. Link. North Americans and Europeans were worried that we might not see the PS3 until next year, but that’s not going to happen. I wonder how bad the shortages will be…

Here are the PS3 (and some PSP) updates from the press conference.

PS3 Update: Sony will release “one million units per month with a total of six million units in 2006 alone. Production numbers are higher for PS1 and PS2 in their initial years.”

PSP Update: ‘Starting this fall, the PSP will use RSS channel features. Video and voice-over-IP will release in October in “motion jpg” format. The PSP’s own version of the EyeToy will launch a month earlier in September and the peripheral will feature EyeToy Play and video chat. The camera is sliver and it attaches to the USB port.’

PSP Update: ‘The PSP will also include a GPS receiver with an update rate of once every second with a 40-second fix time from a cold start. Minna no Golf (Hot Shots Golf) will be a GPS launch title.’

PSP Update: ‘Macromedia Flash will be included with a spring Network update.’

PSP Update: ‘ …the PSP will see “E-Distrubution” features added sometime in the future. Users will be able to boot software directly from their Memory Stick, all official-like this time around (you know what I mean). The first major announcement for use of this will be a series of PSOne games – yes, you will be able to download classic PlayStation titles and play them on your PSP.’

PS3 Update: ‘Sony today announced that not only is the PlayStation 3 to be 100% backwards compatible, but all legacy titles played on the system will be displayed at high-definition resolutions. The Xbox 360 currently does the same thing and the result on that end is much sharper image quality for older games.’ Link

PS3 Update: All PlayStation 3 games will ship on Blu-ray to help prevent piracy. In other words, no “cheap” DVD releases; Blu-ray only. Of course, it’ll still play PS2 and movies on DVD, but all PS3 releases will be on Blu-ray. The company expects initial BD-ROM production to reach 2.5 million in Japan and Europe and 5 million in the US. Link

PS3 Update: As part of the PlayStation Business Brief today in Tokyo, Ken Kutaragi confirmed that the PlayStation 3 will require the hard drive peripheral. In total, it will be 60GB big, be completely upgradeable, and support Linux OS. Additionally, the peripheral will act as a home server and allow users to store various forms of media to be pulled up elsewhere. Interestingly, Kutaragi didn’t confirm if the system will actually ship with a hard drive or not — just that it’s required. It’s semantics, we know, but we thought that it was worth pointing out. Link

PS3 Update: SCE president Ken Kutaragi confirmed that the final PS3 development kits will be shipping out to production houses in June. Additionally, there are 15 different companies making tools and middleware for the SDK. For frequent readers of this site, you may be interested to know that the technology folks in’s parent company IGN Entertainment (aka GameSpy Technologies) are contributing to the network solution. Link

PS3 Update: Beginning at the system’s launch, currently scheduled for sometime this November, the system will feature community tools including lobby matching and voice chat, commerce features that includes bootable software via the hard drive. The service was created with the help of Sony Online Entertainment. Best of all, the “basic” service will be free of charge. Link The online environment will be called “PlayStation Network Platfrom”.

PS3 Update: Ken Kutaragi has just added another infamous quote to his belt, this time stating that PS3 games are “live” and that the PS3 concept is “4D”. He claims that games have gone from 8-bit to 16-bit planes, to the “space” that you saw on the PS1/PS2, and now PS3 will be “live”. Link

That’s it! No news on games. No news on price. But a lot of news on everything else.

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