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PS3 not in Competition with Revolution?

Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto said the following in an interview:

Any announcement about PS3 will affect Nintendo. But we don’t see it as a competition between the two consoles, although the customers always do.

I think that maybe he should change his viewpoint a little, because this dude is gonna get smoked otherwise. I think he’s confusing the fact that the PS3 and Revolution will have different kinds of games with the fact that consumers only have so many dollars to spend on video gaming entertainment.

I and several friends of mine each have just one console from the current generation. Now I don’t know their reasons, but I know mine. It’s because I can’t afford to buy more than one consoles and its controllers and its games. Nor do I have the room next to my television for all that clutter. And while many people will buy more than one system, there will be many many people who will buy only one.

Sony wants it to be the PS3, and Nintendo better realize that.

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