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Entire Tallarico Q/A

Heavenly SwordI’ve had this bookmarked for quite some time and have only now had a chance to read this, and I wish I’d read it before! If you think Tommy Tallarico (from Reviews on the Run) is full of crap then just pass this by. But I like the guy and appreciate his opinions. Lately he’s been talking about his experience with PS3 games in development and has some interesting things to say. Here are a couple.

First, here’s the quote that went the rounds a little while ago:

Unfortunately I am under strict NDA and cannot mention any titles. The gameplay graphics look a little better than minor… but it more of the way the worlds and environments are being created and built. For example… in Project Gotham racing if you stop on the side of the road and look at a tree… it is basically just two texture maps pasted together in a cross pattern (like games have done for the past 10 years)… but some of the stuff I’m seeing on the PS3 has every element of a tree including branches, leaves, etc… and it all gets affected by the wind as your car passes by… as well as the lighting. Not saying the 360 CAN’T do that… I’m just saying that from what I’ve seen…. I’m a lot more impressed with the 1st generation PS3 titles compared to the 1st gen 360 titles.

But here are some more you may not have heard. Note that he said all these things before Sony announced the launch date of the PS3.

With the latest round of movie studios signing up, most analysts have said that Blu-Ray will be the next format. But the advantage of Blu-Ray in the PS3 isn’t going to be the space issue as much as it is format. Sony is positioning the PS3 to be the first consumer unit to play Blu-Ray. With this in mind, most publishers and developers are putting thier “A” teams on the PS3 knowing that more consumers will be (and are) waiting for Blu-Ray and the PS3. It’s the same reason why people like Kojima (and many others) have been already showing games for a system still far from launch (I don’t believe the SPRING ’06 date for a second). My sources tell me to look for the PS3 in the US next fall.

some of the games I’ve seen on the PS3 compare to the Killzone 3 demo (in real-time) which for me is more what I was hoping “next gen” would be like. I also believe that the 360 is capable of that level of quality as well. Hopefully the developers will be pushing for both.

I know that Sony is working on improving their lame excuse for online. Although they would never admit it in public… they know they got OWNED big time by Microsoft last round… BUT because they sold over 100 million units… they still had A TON more online players than XBOX Live ever had. In fact… there were more people playing SOCOM than total amount of XBOX Live accounts.

Yes.. there seems to be a lot of over-reacting by people about what is REAL and NOT REAL on the PS3. All I can say for sure is that the REAL TIME games I’ve been PLAYING look pretty damn decent compared to the released footage that people have argued isn’t real. Does is look exactly like the some of the trailers?? No… not exactly… BUT!!! It still blows you away and takes your breath away… makes you stand back in awe and go WOW!! Which is exactly what the 360 did NOT do to me upon launch. Hopefully we’ll be seeing more WOW factor in the 2nd gen titles.

I’m curious about the Revolution… but I wouldn’t say I was excited neccessarily. I can’t imagine playing a game for any period of time with that controller. Is it going to change the industry? I don’t think so… but I will reserve judgment until I can actually play the games. I do know that most developers seem to be ignoring the system OR throwing their 3rd string squad on it. Which can’t be good news.

I don’t think anyone is shooting themselves in the foot by incorporating high dev costs. Reason being… some of the biggest selling games are the ones with the biggest budgets. MGS, FF, Zelda, Warcraft, Halo, Half-Life, etc… all huge sellers with high dev costs. I think Microsoft puts WAY TOO MUCH into thinking they had to release the machine first in order to beat Sony. If anything… they have allowed Sony to read the market in terms of what consumers are willing to pay. Everyone says Sony is gonna die because the machine might be in the $400 range. Um… NO! No one wanted the $300 Core system for the 360 and the 2 million or so pre-orders would have all walked out of the store with at least $500 worth of stuff. If I were Microsoft… I would have held on another 6 months or so and make the hardware and software even more incredible. What was one of the advantages that X-BOX had or the PS2?? Everyone knew it was a MORE POWERFUL and GRAPHICALLY BETTER machine… guess what… they just lost that advantage for the next 5 years. They still rule in online.. but as I previously stated… it’s only a small percentage of actual gamers who care.

From what I have personally seen, the PS3 looks better in terms of graphics. Don’t know if that is because of the developers or the hardware… but PS3 looks better. My guess would be that it is the superiority of the teams themselves… which to me says that developers could probably create close to the same exact thing on a 360. I’m NOT a technical graphic guru so I don’t know any specifics. I just know what I’ve seen and what the developers and publishers talk about… and it looks like (so far) the PS3 stuff is looking better.

A LOT of the PS3 stuff I saw at CES was pre-rendered cut scenes… not all… but a lot. But one of my points has always been… what does that really say?? It’s easy to come at it from an XBOX fanboy standpoint and say… “WHAT A FARCE!! THAT’S BULL!! IT’S NOT REAL!!” but if you really break it down and think about it… what is it REALLY saying?? It’s saying that a LOT of really talented developers and artists are currently working on PS3! Where is all of the 360 smoke and mirrors? Where are all of the cut-scene things for the 360 that compare to what is being shown on the PS3?? Don’t get me wrong… I’ve seen some AMAZING things coming down the pipe for the 360 (Gears of War, etc.) but the shear number of amazing things I’ve seen from the PS3 would seem to dictate that more people are concentrating soley on the PS3 (Metal Gear Solid for example).

I believe the price of the PS3 will be between $349 – $399. It costs Sony $499 to make the machine and like they have previously shown in the past… they are willing to take a hit on hardware to get the initial installed base as high as possible. If I had to make an accurate guess right now… I would say $399 is likely.

Interesting reading. There’s more about the PS2 and Xbox and other stuff, too. I just thought I’d snip out the PS3 stuff and show it to you.

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