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Champions of Norrath type game for PS3?

I’m a big fan of Champions of Norrath and its sequel Return to Arms. Just played some RtA multiplayer action recently, actually. So when I saw that Untold Legends was coming to the PS3 I was excited at first, but then saw how bad it looked.

But now my hopes are up again. Snowblind Studios, the creators of CoN and RtA, may be making a game similar to those games for the PS3. It’s all rather vague right now though:

Here’s a quote from a forum poster, talking about a different title:

I’m in the same boat. I’m far more in to the high-fantasy, dungeon crawl type of game than superhero games. I’m sure that if the game is being developed by Snowblind it will be great, but I’m mildly disappointed. Not so much in the title, but in the fact that I have to turn elsewhere for my elves and goblin bashing.

Here’s a reply from someone at Snowblind:

Just as a FYI, here at Snowblind, we recently started working on a different “next generation” title too. Maybe it will be more to your liking.

Now, he doesn’t explicitly say PS3, but things look promising!!!

Me = Excited

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