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Sony Computer Entertainment America yesterday announced its widespread presence at today’s Game Developers Conference. “The company will support developers and publishers in the creation of PlayStation├é┬« content by providing the latest development tools and technologies through conference presentations, panels and booth demonstrations.” the press release says.

They will also be manning PS3 kiosks, “showcasing the latest hardware and development tools for the next-generation console including Unreal Engine, COLLADA, PlayStation Graphics Library (PSGL) and performance analysis tools.”

Sony is also hosting speakers on a variety of topics, including “High Performance Physics Solver Design for Next Generation Consoles”, “Collada for PlayStation 3”, “Crowd Simulation on PS3”, “Introduction to PS3”, “Introduction to the PS3 SPU’s”, and “Cell for Digital Media Acceleration”.

Don’t forget, I’ll be giving up to the minute updates of the Phil Harrison keynote today.

Yahoo! – SCEA Announces Widespread Presence at the 2006 GDC