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GDC MotorStorm Update

More on MotorStorm, it just looks so cool.

Remember how at E3 they showed that MotorStorm video and everyone went nuts and then everyone said there’s no way that PS3 games will look like that? Well, here’s a quote for you from IGN about yesterday’s realtime demo:

Compared to the E3 presentation, the game is close in presentation and functionality and look to its promise, with detail not reaching the level of the astounding E3 demo but still running with some very cool technology to provide a new way of playing in the mud. Developed by Evolution Studios, the game’s presentation featured buggies and motorcycles running through a rugged desert. The game’s advanced new mud physics were incredible, leaving ruts behind in the mud using real physics. For example, a motorcycle was seen cutting a deep groove in the mud while kicking up muck at a white truck following it, the trailing vehicle buckily wildly as it battled off the streaming mud while also trying to find a line to drive in the groove-etched bog. The particle effects, however, were not nearly at that level of quality, looking a little temporary at this stage of early development.

So everyone was right. 🙁 BUT! The fact is, this game is still going to be killer. It looks “close” to the E3 demo, which is good enough for me.

IGN: GDC 06: Motorstorm Update