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StarCraft Ghost coming to PS3?

StarCraft Ghost has had a bunch of ups and downs, and for us PS3 fans, there might just be an up in the coming future if this rumour is to be believed.

The good news is that Blizzard hasn’t yet given up the Ghost — the company explains in its announcement that it is evaluating the potential of StarCraft: Ghost as a next-gen title, and indicates that if the game goes that route, it will utilize the additional console power for a more impressive game than was originally conceived.

Despite the cursed development history, StarCraft: Ghost has plenty of promise. Its concept is a cross between classic StarCraft RTS play and single-player stealth action (ala Metal Gear.) The game focuses on a female hero from the intriguing Ghost character set out of the StarCraft series, who have special powers and incredible Terran technology in their arsenal. Late in development, StarCraft: Ghost also added online multiplayer features, which promised to please fans of the RTS franchise who have been dying for the series to get anywhere near the number “2” after being left behind for other Blizzard franchises after the original release, a few expansion packs, and a billion hours of logged-on and LAN multiplay.

So the rumour is rather vague, I know. Blizzard is “considering” a next-gen platform for the game, and even then, we don’t know if it would end up on the PS3 or not. But here’s hoping…

IGN – StarCraft: Ghost Ascending to Next-Gen?