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Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter

Last week I played GRAW for the first time at Todd’s place on his Xbox 360. It’s a fun game, and four of us sat around the television and chased each other around the map, having some fun with headshots and whatnot. Thursday night we’ll be doing more of the same, but this time on an HDTV. I’ll tell you what that was like afterwards.

We were a little confused by the kill king of the hill mode. The “hill” was not marked in any way. You just had an icon in the corner of your screen that changed colour if you were on the hill. I much prefer the Halo way of doing it – actually showing graphically where the hill is.

But it was still a great game. I was a blown away by the good graphics. But the UI needed a little work. Sometimes “B” meant “back”, and sometimes it meant “cancel”. Which was really annoying. Each of us had to set up our warriors, so each of us made the same mistakes of exiting the screen without actually making changes, etc. Plus we couldn’t find any way of naming our warriors, which is strange.

Good game, but it needs a little polish.

Home Theater – Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter