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FUD = Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt

It’s something that Microsoft has traditionally been good at. Have a cool product? So Microsoft announces that someday sometime they might make something similar. Then your sales tank. Doh!

Well, there seems to be a bit of FUD going around right now, and I don’t know if it’s from Sony haters or what. But it’s crazy. Like this headline from CD Freaks – “PS3 needs HDMI 1.3 enabled TVs for HD resolution?”. That’s just absurd. Let’s set the record straight.

HDMI 1.3 would only be needed for digitally transporting a DD+, DD TrueHD, or DTS HD audio stream from a BD movie. It will not be required for anything else. So if you have ANY HDTV with HDMI, rest assured that the display will be able to talk to your new PS3. You’ll get the best video your display is capable of.

What about 1080p? Again, HDMI 1.3 is not needed for transporting 1080p signals. Even HDMI 1.0 could handle 1080p. The problem was always the electronics manufacturers who didn’t want to bother upgrading the electronics to be able to handle it.

CD – PS3 needs HDMI 1.3 enabled TVs for HD resolution?

PS You can get really nice HDMI cables at MonoPrice for a very reasonable cost. I just received mine in the mail yesterday. A 6′ HDMI-DVI cable for $15US. Nice.