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Played Xbox 360 in HD Last Night

So we finally got to see Todd’s Xbox 360 in action on an HDTV last night. I always thought it would be my HDTV we’d see it on first, but logistics gave it over to my friend Mike’s place with his Toshiba CRT rear-projection HDTV.

One word: very nice!

Ah, well, make that two words. It was more than just nice. Previously we had played the Xbox 360 on Todd’s 32″ (I think) SD (standard definition) television, and it was good. The improvement over the Xbox was obvious, and the graphics were nice. But seeing the games in full HD on a 55″ (or so) HDTV screen was just another experience altogether. All of us were quite wowed by the experience. There were so many details to see, the environments were so immersive, it was great. So thanks to Todd and Mike for putting this together!

Side note:

Why can’t game developers think through their UI’s better?

I already complained about GRAW, but last night noticed something else. The little red flash on your screen? Guess what? It tells you that there’s gunfire in that direction. Not that you’re getting hit from that direction. Most games that I’ve seen that use a splash of red like that use it to mean that you’ve been hit. GRAW does it differently, and it’s confusing.

And what’s with the menus in PGR3? It took Todd more than a minute to figure out how to set up a multiplayer game. Quite confusing. Then I had a chance to play and wanted to change tracks and cars, and man what a pain in the arse that was. The UI for PGR2 was SO much better. Why don’t they leave a good thing alone? And we still miss 4 player mode.

Anyway, Burnout has become our favourite racer now. It’s a blast to play and the UI is actually usable. But would it kill them to have a little description next to each menu item as it’s chosen? It would be nice to know what each of the events really do, because the name itself is in no way descriptive enough.