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PS3 and HDMI

Much has been made of the fact that the preliminary PS3 kits supposedly did not use HDMI. Sean Pelletier has some shots that show otherwise.

I’ve just posted a series of images taken on the showroom floor at GDC which clearly illustrates the fact that Sony did use HDMI connectivity for some SDK’s in the demo area. In addition, I also saw the standard Sony Multi A/V connector in use as well as an older SDK using S-Video from a standard NVIDIA graphics card.

It’s great Sean sent this to me, it just shows how people like to blow things out of proportion. The PS3 is half a year away. Even considering that they have to start production much sooner than that, Sony has plenty of time to get this all sorted out. Especially given that we know that they already have it partially working, and that they make televisions that use 1080p HDMI. So they have the will, the know-how, and the time. Come launch day, HDMI won’t be an issue.

Hot Hardware – PS3 Using HDMI at GDC