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PS3 FPS RTS RPG: Terra: Formations

Terra FormationsWith a strange name like “Terra: Formations” (is this a landscaping title?) it’s no surprise that the game itself can’t make up its mind either. Star Cave Studios is developing this game for the PS3 and 360, and the title is going to be a FPS with RPG and RTS elements thrown into the mix.

Unlike most first-person shooters, however, Formations aims for a unique edge — by offering real-time strategy and role-playing elements on top of its blasting components. Star Cave even claims that there will be adventuring segments to boot.

Players in Terra: Formations will begin as members of an elite military force whose mission is to “reshape the environments of inhospitable worlds.” There will be four character classes in all: Soldiers (action-based warriors played in the traditional FPS perspective), Engineers (who will repair and construct various structures), Researchers (researches the world’s unique tools and developers new technology), and Commanders (which is assumed via an RTS-style interface).

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