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PS3 Rumours: DVR, Video Blog, etc

The latest issue of PSM magazine is chock full of yummy rumour goodness. Let’s take apart this full course meal, shall we?

The appetizer is the ability for users to create video blogs using EyeToy, store them on the PS3, and share them with whoever the creator wants. This is pretty cool, but I have a feeling that this won’t presage the coming of the home video studio. To share a video with the world will probably quickly overload the typical gamer’s monthly bandwidth limits. So this would be a for-your-friends-only kind of thing, is my guess.

Next up in the meal is the ability to save and host gaming sessions, if the player so chooses. That’s pretty cool. I can think of one crash in last week’s Burnout session on my friend’s Xbox 360 that I’d like to see again.

The main meal is the PVR rumour. This rumour just doesn’t seem to want to die. Personally, I think it’s too much money to include a tuner in the PS3, plus there’s no CATV connection on the PS3. So therefore you’d need to buy at least one peripheral to make this happen. I’m still skeptical, but if Sony does make it happen, I have to wonder what kind of program guide will be available.

The dessert is some PSP rumours. Supposedly there’s a slimmer PSP coming with 4GB of flash memory, a built-in mic, and a built-in camera.

This meal of rumours brought to you courtesy of PSM magazine. Take it with a grain of salt.

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