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Are you willing to wait for the PS3?

This is my first contribution to Henning’s excellent blog so please be kind to me! đŸ˜€

We all know the PS3 is set for a November launch but I have one slight concern. Games.
A few people I know are planning on getting a PS3 at launch regardless of the quality of games available.

I find this puzzling. Surely the main reason for owning a PS3 is games right?
Yet there are people that don’t seem to care about the calibre of games that will be available during the early months of the PS3’s life.

I know nothing has been confirmed 100% with regards to which games will be available alongside the PS3, hopefully e3 will enlighten us all, but I’m willing to wait until there are a decent amount of quality PS3 games until I purchase a PS3. Otherwise I will have a very expensive paperweight on my hands!

Anybody else share my opinion or are you all sitting on piles of money while gazing lovingly at your diamond encrusted gold loafers?

Feel free to discuss the above or anything else on this blog in the PS3 forum.