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PS3 - Small Prescence at E3

According to SPOnG, the PS3 will not be widely shown at the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo show in May. Tightly controlled environments will be the order of the day.

“From what we have been hearing, the PlayStation 3 will be shown in a similar way to which the PSP was debuted at E3,” one publishing source told SPOnG last week. “Attendees will be able to view the machine in a tightly-restricted environment. People thinking the floor will be awash with playable demo pods will be sore if they walk through the doors expecting to be able to sample a massive range of [PlayStation 3] software at leisure.”

Several people we spoke to made the PSP showing analogy, news that will come as disappointment to most. For non-press attendees, a glimpse of the PSP was almost impossible with queues of five hours or so to see the machine blighting the debut.

So what do you think? How does this affect us?

Personally, I’m not going to E3. Though I wish I could afford both the time and money to do so, I have neither. So if the playable demos are restricted to a chosen few, that won’t bother me. I’ll hear about it on the internet, and that will be that. As long as I get my PS3 news fix from the E3 show, I’ll be fine. – PlayStation 3 to be E3 Rarity