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The Darkness

This is quite old (ohh say a month old) but I thought I would write about it anyway. đŸ˜›

UK has images (of the comic) & a video of The Darkness. It’s based on the comic of the same name. You will play Jackie Estacado, who is a hitman for the Mafia, who gets possessed by a “demonic entity” know as The Darkness.

In the PS3 version you will play (if you buy it of course) as Jackie & you will hunt Jackie’s former Mafia buddies for pleasure presumably. If there are any fans of the comics then maybe you could enlighten us as to the back story of The Darkness?

It’s a FPS which I find strange as I would’ve thought this type of game would’ve been better suited to a 3rd person perspective like Manhunt but with demonic powers. I’m not really a big fan of FPSers, but I have been known to play Timesplitters, Black & Killzone, so I doubt this will be on my “must have” list.

Anybody fans of the comic?

OK now when you click the link below it will take you to the home page instead of where it should.
So click on news & features (at the top) then at the bottom right hand side of the page that opens you will find The Darkness news/video box.

They never make it easy for you do they!

UK Playstation – The Darkness