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WWE Smackdown v Raw 2007

I apologise for writing about old news but this game has got me excited!

At Wrestlemania 22 Yukes officially announced that Smackdown v Raw 2007 will feature on PS3 (aswell as the 360, PS2 & PSP). The difference this time is that the same game will feature on all platforms (although expect scaled down versions for the PS2 & PSP) instead of different incarnations which is what happens currently.

Gamespy has a preview of the game with screens & videos. Here is what they make of the visuals:

Visually, the title has been revamped heavily for next-gen. Each character will boast twenty-thousand polygons, which is a dramatic improvement over the current models. Yukes has incorporated bump mapping into the graphics engine to give extra detail to musculature, as well as veins and tattoos. They also seem to have gone the extra mile to recreate facial expressions in superstars’ faces. Based on the stills we saw, wrestlers’ faces will tighten up in pain, or their eyes will widen in fear or shock. It’s another element that will add to the depth and realism that the SmackDown series is so well-known for having.

To be honest Smackdown games in the past always looked great so I’m expecting more visual treats this time around.

Gamespy on new game play features:

SvR 07 also looks to incorporate more interactivity with the environment. Want to ram Triple H’s head into the outside ringpost over and over? No one’s going to stop you. Want to put someone on a table, climb up into the rafters and go for a high spot on them? With multi-tiered interactivity, it’s now possible to re-create some of the great high-flying moments from WWE’s storied past. Most importantly, though, Yukes has listened intently to input from the fans, and are finally able to incorporate the crowd into the action. Along side the 3D fans now comes the ability to chuck your opponent into them, and have fans react much like they would on TV. That means patting the wrestler on the back, flying popcorn, and handing superstars bottles and weapons to use on vulnerable opponents.

My two biggest gripes with past Smackdown games were the terrible collision detection & the flat 2d crowd. It sounds as if they’ve worked on the crowd but the collision detection still needs to be improved. No more limbs appearing through ring posts & wrestlers falling through solid objects please!

I would also like to see improved and more varied commentary aswell as full voices for all the wrestlers & characters.

Another problem that seems to be occurring more & more in next gen titles is the plasticy look of certain games (PDZ & NBA Live 06 to name just 2). Developers need to find a way to tone down the shininess or I can see this complaint re-surfacing time & time again.

This games is also set for a Fall release so it could be a launch title! 😯

Gamespy – Smackdown v Raw preview

Gamespy – Smackdown v Raw videos

The part where Cena gets electrocuted is hilarious!

IGN also has images of Smackdown v Raw 2007.

IGN – Images of Smackdown v Raw 2007