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New Poll: Wordwide Launch a Good Idea?

Gary suggested this one, and I think it’s a good idea. The poll question is about whether or not you think a worldwide launch is a good idea. I have mixed feelings about this. I wish that they could launch in spring in Japan and Novemeber in other regions. That way, Sony could work out problems and get some working software under their belt before introducing it to the rest of the world. But alas, that’s not to be. By the time Novemeber rolls around it’ll be a year since the 360’s launch, so Sony needs to launch in more than one territory come November. They can’t dilly-dally any more. So therefore I have to cast my vote for a simultaneous launch.

So, do you think a worldwide launch is a good idea? Vote in the sidebar, as always. Choices are:

* Yes. Any PS3’s in my region is better than none.
* No. Do it right in each region, one at a time.
* Not sure. Can’t be worse than the 360’s launch!

Last poll results:

Do you believe that the PS3 will be €499 to €599?

* Yes.: 26% (27)
* No – need official word.: 74% (77)

Total Votes : 104