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U.K. PS2 Mags Telling Lies?

Hexus.gaming has an article that claims 2 U.K. PS2 game magazines, PSW (otherwise known as PlayStation World) & Play, have been misleading their readers (I used to be a reader of PSW) by claiming to have played on actual PS3s when in fact all they have done is used the dev kits that everybody else has used:

HEXUS.gaming editor Nick Haywood might be on a family holiday in the west country but, seemingly, he’s never on holiday. We received a call from him yesterday spitting blood about the latest copy of Imagine Publishing’s Play magazine – issue 138 – and the fact that it claims that its staff have played on a Sony PlayStation 3 – something that Nick reckons is impossible when the machine isn’t finished and won’t go on sale until November!

It turns out, of course, that Nick’s right. No one on the mag had actually played the PS3. All they’ve done is have hands on with some dev kit – the same kit that Nick’s been on, he believes. And that’s actually an Apple Mac emulating what Sony says a PS3 will be like.

You can click the link for the images of the so called misleading mags:

PSW - Misleading?

Hexus.Gaming – Misleading PS2 Mags

I don’t know if Hexus.gaming is an unbiased site or not but my question is: so what?

The mags have had hands on what is basically a PS3, it’s just not the same version that we will get our hands on come November. Is it really a big deal that a mag claims to have played on a PS3?

PSW is the best selling independent U.K. PS2 mag so I doubt anyone will specifically buy it solely based on what is on the front cover/bag. If they did buy it then I’m pretty sure that when they find out that they have hands on of a dev kit & not an actual PS3, they won’t exactly explode with rage & demand a refund of £3.99! Plus I think the majority of readers will be intelligent enough to realise that the chances of an independent PS2 mag having hands on with an actual PS3 would be very unlikely.