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Guitar Hero on the PS3?

If you follow the link, you’ll see that Harmonix is looking for next-gen developers. For example, the position of “Senior 3D Graphics Programmer” lists in its job description “Work closely with artists, designers, and fellow programmers to design and implement 3D graphical features using the latest state-of-the-art rendering techniques for next-generation consoles.

Harmonix is the developer of the hugely successful game Guitar Hero and its predecessors, Frequency and Amplitude. Last night Todd and I played Guitar Hero for a while, and Todd said that he can’t believe he’s seriously considering buying a PS2 just for the Harmonix music games.

So Harmonix is working on next-gen games, which is great! đŸ˜› Does this mean they’re porting Guitar Hero? Or working on Guitar Hero 2? And what next-gen platforms are they talking about? PS3? Xbox 360? It’s unknown to us peons, of course, but I for one am anxiously awaiting word. – Harmonix Music Systems jobs