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New Stranglehold Images has 5 new images from the Hard Boiled inspired Stranglehold by Midway. Stranglehold

The game features the input of over the top action junkie John Woo & has Chow Yun Fat (who starred in John Woo’s Hard Boiled coincidentally) playing the role of Inspector Tequila. The game is guaranteed to feature Woo’s crazy gunplay & slow mo action sequences which are present in most of his films. Most of John Woo’s films might be classed as eye candy for action fans & I can’t see the game turning out any differently.

Black on the PS2 is that type of game: great looking, good set pieces but let down by cheesy acting & a poor story (don’t even mention the ending!).

Looks good but how will it handle & will it manage to knit together the possibly great action sequences with a good quality story & hopefully decent acting? Hopefully we will find out at E3.

You can find a preview of Stranglehold below:

1up – Stranglehold Preview

You can also find all 23 screens from Stranglehold below:

1up – Stranglehold Screens