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What I Would Like To See In GTA4

GTA 4This is intended as a bit of fun. I thought I would pick one of my favourite games from the PS2 & write what I would like to see in GTA on the PS3. Feel free to add your own ideas & let your imagination run wild.

OK I’ll start with the most predictable wish: better graphics. I want vastly improved draw distance, no more buildings or other large objects popping up suddenly. Better targeting maybe L1 to target, R1 to fire, R2 & L2 to switch targets.
More varied hand to hand combat. Yeah San Andreas allowed you to go to a gym & learn a different style but when you learned a new style it erased the previous one you had learned. Maybe you can keep the styles you had learned & switch styles by pressing L3 or R3.

Now the fun part. I would like to see the introduction of Blimps & Airships, Hot Air Balloons, hang gliders would be cool! Imagine finding a hang glider on top of a hill & then running & jumping off & seeing how far you could glide while shooting random things then getting chased by police in helicopters or bikes below shooting up at you!!! 😆

A circus or amusement park would be a great way to waste away a few hours. You could ride on a roller-coaster or other rides & take part in mini games like the arcades & pool tables they had in San Andreas.
How about breaking in to a zoo & releasing animals to run wild in the city & watch while the authorities try to regain control while mass panic takes over! Or jumping on Zebras & doing ride by shootings getting chased by police on horses. 😀

I would like to be able to enter a lot more buildings & see the surprise on peoples faces when you walk into their home & they chase you out with a loaf of bread or other random objects.

I would like to see the clock run a little slower so the different time of day reflects how busy the roads are & how many people are out & about. If you decide to cause some carnage at say 8.30am & the cops come after you, you will find your progress seriously hampered by how busy the roads are. On the other hand if you start some trouble at say 1am you will have most of the roads to yourself to try & escape. I know previous GTA games reflected this but I want the clock to run slower so it plays a greater part & you notice it more.

I would like to see the introduction of natural disasters. If an earthquake or hurricane hits, it would be great to see how it’s reflected in the game & as you go about continuing the story you will notice building sites popping up & over a number of months you will see the construction sites evolve into finished buildings & newly built bridges etc.


Jet skis would also be very cool! A proper underwater ecosystem would be great with Sharks, Jellyfish etc to make it more hazardous.

Any Countries or Cities in particular you would like the game to be set in? Brazil would be interesting with the beaches in Rio & the slums & gangs. Not too sure about London it’s been done in the rubbish The Getaway.

So what do you guys & girls think? What would you like to see in the next GTA?