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Floor Plans For E3 Revealed

The floor plans for E3 2006 have been unveiled & unsurprisingly the big three, Sony, Nintendo & Microsoft, have the biggest booths. E3 Floor Plan 2006

The largest booths at the event seem to be Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft – the major hardware manufacturers. Microsoft will likely have a huge section dedicated to the Xbox 360 and a small portion for Windows games. Xbox will likely be a no-show. Sony will probably be giving equal treatment to the PS3, PS2, and PSP. Although it may try to take attention away from the PS3 if it’s not ready yet. Nintendo has four systems to juggle with the Revolution, DS, GBA, and GCN. Don’t expect much from the GCN at all except for Zelda and maybe the rumoured Kirby game. The GBA should also be relatively dead unless they announce a North American release for Mother 3. They will be focusing on the DS and Revolution for sure.

There have been more rumours doing the rounds about the PS3 not even being shown at all at E3 but I find this hard to believe. Considering MGS4 is set to be demoed by Hideo Kojima himself & the number of other PS3 games confirmed at the show, the PS3 will be at E3 but it just won’t be playable by the masses. I don’t see that as being a big deal. – E3 Floor Plans Revealed