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More on the PS3’s Cell

Jon, a reader who owns Taipei Gamer,Cell has an article looking at the Cell being used by the PlayStation 3:

There is more than one way to look at programming complexity. Sometimes abstractions that make certain tasks easier make others more difficult. Specifically, abstractions in programming languages/models can often be a double-edged sword, and nowhere is this clearer than in runtime performance. The Xbox 360 adopts the traditional abstractions of multithreaded software development. This model is familiar, but is very difficult to program efficiently. The PS3 opts for a fundamentally lower-level model which could potentially put fewer barriers between software engineers and theoretical performance potential. The PS3, powered by the Cell processor, should overcome the obstacles presented by its unique architecture and easily take the performance crown in the coming generation.

It’s a great article, you might like to take a look:

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