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Next Gen Audio With Metal Gear Solid 4

GameSpot has a very interesting article about how sound could well play a big part in next gen gaming experiences, speaking to MGS4’s sound director Sotaro Tojima:


The new audio-processing capabilities of the PlayStation 3 allow Tojima and his team to manipulate sound in a variety of different ways. Tojima says that, “With this power, we can give the player a better environment to experience, as the hardware can produce more sounds in real time based on where the player is in a room and what objects are in that room.” Last year’s Tokyo Game Show trailer emphasized the theme “No place to hide!” and Tojima, as sound director, will do all he can to envelop the player in the world of Metal Gear Solid. “In a battlefield with no place to hide, you will hear impending dangers all around you, in all 360 degrees.”

I remember when MGS3: Snake Eater was revealed as taking place in a jungle with no radar to spot enemies, a friend of mine (let’s call him Michael) kept going on & on saying “You will need to get a 5.1 surround system or the game will be unplayable. There’s no radar to spot enemies so you will have to rely on sound so you will NEED surround sound!!!!” Now he does tend to overreact from time to time (well all the time 😉 ) but he did have a point. I did go & buy a 5.1 surround sound system & my gaming experiences since then have been greatly improved with games that have utilised surround sound.

It sounds as though surround sound will play an even bigger role on PS3 but I haven’t a clue about 7.1 surround sound. Two extra speakers!! That might work if you have a gaming room with your TV in the middle of the room but what about us poor folk who can only squeeze in our PS2s & PS3s where we find the room? Where will we put the extra speakers?!

GameSpot – Next Gen Audio With MGS4