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Ridge Racer 7 Website

Namco now has a website (in Japanese) devoted to Ridge Racer 7.

Ridge Racer 7 Online Hub?

IGN must have staff well versed in the Japanese language (or maybe they just translated the page. I’m too lazy to do that) because they reveal some more info about RR7:

The site reveals only a few details to supplement our preview from Wednesday. RR7 will include a total of 40 cars, including old favorites and new designs, the site reveals. Over 20 courses — the largest in series history, according to the site — will make the cut. These will be playable in reverse.

Hmm 40 cars & 20 tracks. That sounds about right to me. Gran Turismo has too many cars in my opinion so it’ll be nice to have a smaller selection to choose from.

IGN also has some info about online racing in RR7:

We already gave some details on Online play for RR7. The site confirms that 14 players will be able to race against one another, with the game supporting Sony’s new Online network (details about which have yet to be revealed). In addition to competitive races, you’ll be able to form teams for co-op races, setting up a variety of rules.

I wonder how co-op races will work. You take turns to race a erm… race? That could get boring waiting around for your turn. The 14 players race off sounds good though.

IGN also has some crazy info about car variations:

Our initial figure for car variations was off by a significant margin. While we stated that RR7 would feature 200,000 possible car variations, it turns out that the number is actually 200,000 variations per car type. With 40 cars, that makes for… a whole lot of variations!

As Homer would say: Wait a minute!!! 200,000 variations per car type!
How many of those variations will actually affect the gameplay or how your car drives & how many will be purely cosmetic? Either way that’s an awful lot of variations.

E3 can’t come soon enough & neither can November!

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