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What I Would Like To See In PS3 Dynasty Warriors

Last Sunday I wrote what I would like to see in GTA 4 on the PS3. This week I’m going to talk about Dynasty Warriors & how I would like it to evolve for the PS3 version.

Guan Yu

Firstly they need to STOP making the Extreme Legends spin offs!!! Seriously I’m sick to death of the rip off add ons. They add very little to the original game & the idea that you are charged £25 for an extra difficulty level, 3 0r 4 new characters, new costumes, levels & a 5th weapon, is plain capitalism in my opinion.
Yes you have the choice to not buy the games but it’s the fact that they have done an Extreme Legends for DW3, DW4 & DW5, not to mention DW Empires, & nothing major has been added to any of the games, that sticks in my throat. They could’ve added a 2nd disc if they really needed the extra space for more weapons, modes, characters etc, instead of charging £25 for very little extra meaningful content 6 months down the line.

Now onto the actual gameplay. I want blood. Literally (sorry Henning 😉 ). I want the battles to be more bloody. If you get hit with a sharp object you will bleed so introduce blood into the series. Onimusha allows you to select the colour of the blood so make the default setting green & give you the option of choosing red if you must.

I want a much improved graphics engine. The draw distance is terrible & even in DW5 (which happens to be the best graphically in the series) you can see trees forming in front of you. There should be no excuses with the power of the PS3 & the storage capacity of Blu-ray to have shoddy graphics.

I want more enemies on screen with no slowdown or any other graphical imperfections. Maybe have 1000 visible troops on screen at any one time. If Rome:Total War can manage 1000s of troops on screen then the PS3 should be able to manage 1000. Better AI is also a must. Too many times enemy soldiers just stand around while you slaughter their friends & officers until it’s their turn. I want soldiers to develop bellies as yellow as The Simpsons & run away if you’re slaughtering hordes of enemies in front of them or develop suicidal streaks & charge at you with reckless abandon. Retreat if they’re outnumbered or charge at you with 100s of their mates if they outnumber you.

Next I want to be able to interact with my surroundings. I want to be able to jump onto roofs or even take shelter inside buildings while 100s of enemies hack it down to get at you. I want to be able to use trees to my advantage by swinging round them & attacking enemies or cutting them down so they fall & crush oncoming troops.

I want bigger maps with more freedom & variety & more diverse terrain with appropriate weather. I want night to turn into day & day into night during mid battle.

I want less characters. 50 is too many when they don’t offer a completely different story for each character plus their combo moves can be pretty similar so I say reduce the characters to say 30, 7 each from the main 3 kingdoms (Shu, Wu & Wei) & 9 from the remaining important characters from the book (Lu Bu, Meng Huo etc). That way they can individualise each character more, so you can notice the difference between the various weapons & combos for each character (to be fair they have done this to a certain extent in previous games).

Talking about combos I want a deeper combat system similar to Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams. No more square, square, square & triangle etc. You also should be able to target who you want to attack instead of just bashing the square button in the direction of who you want to attack.

I would also like the option of having the language in Japanese to add to the atmosphere (with English subtitles of course) & to remove the annoying rock tracks from the game. If they must have music then go with the more traditional Japanese music.

And finally I want a fully controllable 3d camera! Man it’s so annoying that DW5 doesn’t allow you to control the camera with the right analogue stick. Frustrating beyond belief!! WHY!!! 😡

So what do you want from a “next gen” Dynasty Warriors game?

You can watch 3 videos of the “Guan Yu Project” which will probably turn out to be Dynasty Warriors 6 or 7 depending if they do no.6 on the PS2 (please no more DW games for PS2!!!) by clicking the link below:

IGN – Guan Yu Project