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Kurayami Revealed For PS3

Suda 51 has announced a new game is in development for the PS3 entitled Kurayami, which I’m led to believe translates as ‘Darkness’ in Japanese. has some info & concept art for the game. Here is a little bit of info, excuse the poor translation:

The player will be thus plunged in a village obscure which it will have to traverse with a torch to reach a castle and to discover his mysteries. Thanks to the power techniques of PlayStation 3, Suda Goichi intends to stress the graphic style (textures, drawings of the characters, decorations, etc.) of Kurayami so that the player can truly feel the darkness and darkness, the concept of the fear will play a very important part in the play.

😆 I love the way words get jumbled up when you translate foreign languages into English!

IGN has this to say about Kurayami:

An overflow of information is still a long ways away, but Goichi has revealed that Kurayami will, of course, be developed by his co-workers at Grasshopper Manufacture and that the story will follow a character who has been stranded in an obscure village and has to find his way out. Armed only with a torch, users must set off on a journey filled with puzzle-solving and mysterious happenings as they experience scarier and scarier situations surrounded by almost complete darkness.

Darkness seems to be the new erm… if you get my meaning. I want games like Super Mario Sunshine or the original Jak & Daxter. Sunny beautiful worlds for you to explore & dream about going on holiday there. I just don’t want too many games using darkness as the main concept & you only have a torch or other methods of lighting to aid you in your quest.

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