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PS3 to Shoot out of the Gate

PS3Sony expects to sell a boatload of PS3’s in its first few months on the market. Sony expects to sell 6 million PS3’s in the first four to five months. That compares to the 4.5 to 5.5 million that Microsoft expects to sell in the first seven months.

Is this a surprise that Sony can sell so many PS3’s? Hardly. I don’t really think it’s a question of whether or not Sony can sell them. It’s whether or not Sony can manufacture them. Sony aims to ramp up to one million units produced per month quite quickly. That’s a lot of units. That’s over 33 thousand units a day, starting from producing zero.

So the question becomes: can Sony ramp up that fast? Can they have a bunch of them available at launch, then continue pouring more of them into the market? At this point the market is a big sponge and will surely absorb whatever Sony can realistically throw at it. Especially if the PS3 launches with some good games.

Sony expects a hot start for the PlayStation 3