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No Next Gen GTA Announcement At E3 has broken my heart….. 😥

Well not really. I wasn’t expecting any GTA news at E3 but they seem to have confirmed my worst fears that Rockstar North will not announce any news about the next installment of their incredibly popular GTA series:GTA 4

Barring any last-minute surprises, Rockstar Games will be a virtual no-show at E3 this year, Rockstar public relation staff have confirmed.

That means no booth tours, no appointments, and no game announcements. And certainly no next-gen Grand Theft Auto.

I suppose there is some hope after all that they are at least working on a new title:

What does this mean for the uber-powerful game developer? Likely, they’re hard at work on the next entry in the ever-popular Grand Theft Auto series, which is rumored to debut on a next-gen system. Of course, the company has yet to even suggest they’re working on such a title, but considering that a vast percentage of publisher Take-Two Interactive’s revenue comes from the Grand Theft Auto series, there’s no doubt they’re building the technological framework as we speak.

They day they announce GTA 4, or whatever the next title will be called, will be the day that I will shout WOOHOO!!!!!!! & do a crazy jig of uncontrolled joy! 😀

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