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SEGA Rally Revo Announced For PS3

SEGA-Europe & SEGA-America have announced the next title in their popular SEGA rally series entitled: SEGA Rally Revo set for a release sometime next year:

Set to redefine the rally genre with vibrant next-generation graphics, intuitive controls, competitive bumper-to-bumper racing and fully reactive environments, SEGA Rally will once again be leading the rest of the pack with a wonderfully vivacious and realistic graphical world that is every gamer’s driving fantasy.

“The rally genre has become the domain of ultra-realistic simulation-based titles that portray the sport in minute detail but offer little in terms of fun,” commented Guy Wilday, Studio Director, SEGA Driving Studio. “With the emphasis being on entertainment, SEGA Rally will focus on delivering an adrenaline-fuelled competitive racing experience but without over-complicating the rally experience.”

SEGA Rally will encourage players to put the pedal to the metal and enjoy thrilling head-to-head racing. Skilled driving will go hand-in-hand with pure luck as you hurtle around looping tracks in a wide selection of 4WD, 2WD and Classic vehicles that react quite differently depending upon the racing surface. SEGA Rally offers a vast variety of fully deformable environments and surfaces, from littered gravel tracks and all weather tarmac roads, to snow driven trails. No two laps – let alone a whole race – will ever be the same!

I’ve never played a SEGA rally game, except for at the arcades when I was younger, & I’ve not really enjoyed any rally games since the Virtua Rally & Colin McRae Rally games on PSone so I’m not really excited about this announcement. I did enjoy the off-road races in GT4 though so maybe I could change my mind & give rally games another chance….

SEGA-Europe – SEGA Rally Revo