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Resistance: Fall of Man Confirmed For E3

Insomniac Games seems to have confirmed that their PS3 exclusive Resistance: Fall of Man (formally known as I-8) will be present at E3, although there’s no confirmation it will be playable.

The following quote is from Assistant Project Manager Stephen Lim taken from Insomniac Games official website:

“My job makes me run around the building a lot, so I get to see a lot of the cool things people are working on with Resistance: Fall of Man, our first-person shooter exclusive to PlayStation 3. Many of you might think that people who make games just play games all day, but I can tell you that everyone here has their head down, crunching out every possible feature we can cram in before E3, and polishing up all the bits. E3 is always a busy time, and it’s usually make-or-break for a lot of games since it’s the very first time people are going to see your game. There’s no such thing as showing half of your game, and you only get one shot at a first impression. Most of the major features of the game must be working before anyone gets to see it.”

Looks like the game is well into development & should be in playable form at E3 going from what Stephen Lim says above.

IGN has 3 screenshots of the game so just click the link below if you need a reminder or haven’t seen them before:

IGN – Resistance: Fall of Man Images

Is it just me or does anyone else agree that the creature in image 2 doesn’t need a gun….

You can also check out the E3 2005 teaser of I-8 as it was known back in the day:

IGN – Resistance: Fall of Man Teaser