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Army of Two

Are you sick of doing a Rambo or Arnie in Commando? You against the world kicking ass & being a badass one man killing machine? Well if you are EA Montreal has just the game for you. Army of Two is all about co-operative gameplay set in todays war zones reports IGN:

Scheduled for release in 2007, the title throws players into hostile territories from current events and is designed to be played with a human partner or a computer-controlled cohort EA has dubbed “PAI” (Partner AI).

Reid Schneider, Senior Producer, added, “This is the game we’ve always wanted to create. Until now, the hardware would not allow us to deliver truly intelligent AI characters. We’ve built this game with co-operative two man gameplay as the centerpiece of the experience. Whether you’re playing with PAI or a friend, it’s about the two man missions, two man strategies and the two man advantage that really sets this game apart.”

This game will live or die based on the AI capabilities of your non-playable ally. For one you might not have friends available to play this game with you at any given moment so the “PAI” had better be more advanced than the AI that’s currently in most games today or it.

IGN – Army of Two