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Interview With KOEI’s Kou Shibusawa

IGN managed to grab hold of the producer of KOEI, Kou Shibusawa, to talk about KOEI’s plans for some of their popular game series:KOEI

IGN: While we’re on the subject, I have to ask: There have been a number of Dynasty Warriors games and its number of updates with few revisions has come under criticism from the media (us included). Do you think the series has reached its apex? Just how many Dynasty Warriors games are enough?

Shibusawa: I don’t think the Dynasty Warriors series has reached its apex yet. We are currently developing Dynasty Warriors BB (for PC) in Japan — it’s the world’s first MMO Tactical Action game, and there is still much space for the series to evolve. For example, network systems in each of the next-generation platforms, or new functions in Nintendo’s upcoming hardware. We are always trying to take the series in new directions and we hope gamers will enjoy the results.

The Dynasty Warrior series may not have reached it’s apex yet but it damn sure needs to be revitalised & taken into a new direction. No more Extreme Legends please!!!!

IGN: KOEI’s most respected series has been the Romance of the Three Kingdoms franchise and we get a lot of letters asking when the PS3 version is coming? What can you tell fans about that possibility?

Shibusawa: We also get requests from our fans. Please expect it.

So there you have it Romance of the Three Kingdoms confirmed for the PS3 straight from the man himself.

IGN: Will you be focusing more heavily on any particular game at E3 this year?

Shibusawa: Yes! We are focusing on Fatal Inertia and Bladestorm: The Hundred Years’ War.

Bah!! I was hoping for some Dynasty Warriors news. They might still announce some DW info at E3

IGN: Here’s the obligatory “rattle the loyalists question.” If you had to pick only one system to develop for in the next generation, what would it be? Wii, PS3, or Xbox 360?

Shibusawa: We always set our goal to create games for the entire world, so we will develop our games for the system that consumers end up preferring.


Put your money on that system being the PS3….

IGN – Interview With Kou Shibusawa