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Jak & Daxter: The Lost Frontier

IGN has been scouring The U.S. Patent Office (slow news day yesterday fellas?) & have found what could be the next game in the popular Jak & Daxter series:Jak

As proof that “the establishment” isn’t all bad, we can occasionally enjoy a little something known as “The U.S. Patent Office.” With it, we can look up all sorts of cool and recently-filed trademarks and find out interesting information before companies decide to announce it.

That’s exactly what happened today as we came across Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier — an all-new “real-time online networked game” whose title was registered by Sony on April 21. Because of the way in which the trademark office works, however, we’re not quite sure what system this new mystery title is actually for. But given the fact that Jak developer Naughty Dog has been hiring lately for a dual PS2 / PS3 project that has yet to receive a name, it is possible that The Lost Frontier and the unknown project could be one in the same.

I am a fan of Jak & Daxter (well except for no.2 which was a let down) but I’m slightly concerned about the “real-time online networked game” bit. Is it an online game only or will it feature both offline & online play?

Maybe they are currently working on two Jak & Daxter games, with the above being an online only experience & the other title, possibly the dual PS2/PS3 project, being the proper sequel to Jak 3?

Who knows hopefully this will be cleared up at E3….