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Alone In The Dark Footage

IGN has the latest info on Alone In the Dark & apparantley it will be more action orientated & the levels will have a more episodic feel to them:

Playing as Edward Carnby from the first Alone in the Dark, you’ll infiltrate Central Park’s dark depths through an episodic level design. Each level will be approximately 30 – 40 minutes long and will end with a cliffhanger, comparable to an episodic television series. Similarly, if you reload a saved game, you’ll be treated to a recap of what transpired right before the point at which you’ll continue.

Though gameplay details are still sparse at this point, it was said that players will be able to interact with every object in the environment. Ideally, this would lead to some unique game moments, allowing players to clear the same area in a number of different ways. The game itself looks dark and moody, just as players might expect. When it was asked if the video shown was truly real-time, we were shown a gameplay session with a monster in front of a spinning fan, backlit by a white light. Things were tossed around the stage and the light reacted accordingly, as did the character model, giving a strong indication that the footage was indeed real-time. We’ll see more of the game at E3, but as of now it seems as though the existing footage is what players can expect of the final product.

IGN – Alone In The Dark Trailer

Now you can clearly see which part of the trailer is CGI & which is actual in-game but maybe I’m being a little harsh here by saying that if the game’s graphics were to the standard of the CGI bits then I would be very impressed but there is a clear drop between the two & I’m not overly impressed.

The game is penciled in for a first half 2006 release so the game should be in the latter stages of development & if that is what the finished product looks like…..

IGN – Alone In The Dark Update

IGN – Alone In The Dark Images