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Full Auto 2 Interview

Yesterday SEGA announced Full Auto 2: Battlelines as a PS3 exclusive. Today you can read an interview that IGN had with Producer Mike Gallo. Here are some of the more interesting bits:

IGN: Okay, so let’s begin with the most obvious question. Why is Full Auto 2 a PS3 exclusive when the series started on the Xbox 360?

Mike Gallo: It’s simply a matter of strategy. We wanted this game to come out with the PlayStation 3 launch, so we had to start planning before the first Xbox 360 version was even completed. The ultimate goal for the franchise is to be on all of the major platforms.

So they were working on the sequel for the PS3 even before they had finished the 360 original….
Conspiracy theories?

IGN: Will the destructibility elements be expanded? For instance, can you blast your way through a building and create your own shortcuts?

Gallo: As I mentioned earlier, destruction of the environment will have a big impact on gameplay. Destruction really matters in this sequel. Just having everything in the environment breakable is one thing, but being able to have elements within the worlds have an effect on the other cars around you is another. The basic way that we’ve broken things down is to allow stuff that you can shoot the ability to kill opponents, force them to evade by blocking their path, or reveal shortcuts through the world.

It really sounds like the original Full Auto was half baked. I haven’t played it so I can’t comment on it.

IGN: Are you working to improve the framerate? It was an issue last time.

Gallo: We’re building the game with the PS3 in mind, so in addition to spectacular visual effects, as well as the car and environmental damage the game will run at a solid framerate. Of course, our goal is to be at 60fps for the final shipping game.

So what exactly is Gallo saying then? The Xbox 360 is less capable of running Full Auto at it’s full potential compared to the PS3?

IGN: What improvements will be made to multiplayer? The last game really needed a deathmatch — will we get it?

Gallo: New to the franchise are several new multiplayer modes, including Deathmatch. We’ll be able to have up to 8 players online, or 2-players split screen. In addition to ‘free for all’ style modes, there will also be a host of team based modes for both multiplayer and single player. We’ll go into detail on those other modes later in the year, but we have listened to the fans and we think that we’ll offer a bunch of fun modes for people to play. For now, our E3 focus was to show off one of the new arena tracks, as well as having some fun with the new deathmatch mode.

So basically the original Full Auto was rushed out for the 360 while they were working on the PS3 version, ironing out the flaws & adding improvements to get it ready to a high standard for the PS3’s launch? Comparisons will be made with the two games ensuring a lot of fanboy rants….

IGN – Full Auto Q & A