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Heavenly Sword Scans

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You can view some scans of Heavenly Sword by clicking the images to the right. Although the quality isn’t the best they certainly look almost as good as the trailer.
Here is what Ninja Theory has to say about Heavenly Sword:

Heavenly Sword is a stunningly beautiful martial arts drama designed exclusively as a next-generation console game. The storyline concerns a girl with only a few days left to live who embarks on one final act of redemption against a king and his invading army. Heavenly Sword employs state-of-the-art technology and gameplay to take players through a roller coaster of emotion and action that truly exploits the potential of gaming as the new artistic entertainment medium.

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This is one of my big hopes for the PS3 & I’m hoping it will be on show at E3 with proper in-game footage. The original trailer from E3 2005 looked great & the scans look very similar to what was shown in the trailer but we will only know the truth once the game is shown off in fully playable form.

I don’t know if it will be in a style like the Dynasty Warriors series, you against hordes of enemies, with 100s of foes on screen on giant battlefields at the same time or whether it will be more like the Onimusha series in a 3D scrolling type game moving along linear paths crushing your enemies as you go. Or maybe it will be a combination of both? Click for larger size

I personally hope it has the combat depth of Onimusha with the hordes of enemies that you face in Dynasty Warriors.

Ninja Theory – Heavenly Sword Screenshots

IGN – E3 2005 Heavenly Sword Trailer